I have always struggled to find ways to exercise and stay fit and strong, because I always get bored, or just don't enjoy it. I have never had that problem with aerial arts. I started pole dancing 3 years ago. I will always remember my first class, I was nervous and shy, and overly concerned about how short my knee length shorts were...But I was hooked from my first class. I felt like I was flying and it was amazing! So, as soon as The Studio in Hamilton offered Aerial hoops classes 2 years ago, I jumped right in. It was love at first Delilah! 

I started Instructing in August 2018 and I love being able to pass on all that I know to my students. Seeing their amazed faces when I show them what we are learning next, and then seeing their ecstatic faces when they nail it themselves. I love watching their friendships develop and their confidence soar. 

If you are considering aerial arts as a form of exercise, don't let anything hold you back...Fitness and strength are only a small part of what aerial arts gives you. Come along and discover the magic for yourself. 

News & Events...

Studio Dates:

EVERY SATURDAY - 10am: Trial class

28th July - Hamilton Show Night: Altitude & Gravity Bar

11th August - Mount Show Night: Mount Studio, Newton Street

Industry Events:

29th November 2019 - NZ Pole Legends: Christchurch

30th November - NZ Pole Industry Awards: Christchurch