I started pole dancing in 2012 and I was hooked from the first class, even after waking up the next morning with pain in muscles I didn't know I had. I love the multitude of challenges that come with pole- the coordination required to learn new moves and transitions, putting fear aside to learn exciting flips and drops and figuring out how to pirouette and move with grace in 7 inch heels!


I started pole with no background experience in dance, gymnastics or flexibility and I am so proud of what my body can do now- I have confidence dancing on stage for an audience and now have a few competition ribbons under my belt to show for it.


Pole dancing has motivated me to learn about how we can move, stretch and strengthen our bodies in a safe way, and I look forward to sharing my passion with students of all levels at The Studio!"

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News & Events...

Studio Dates:

EVERY SATURDAY - 10am: Trial class

28th July - Hamilton Show Night: Altitude & Gravity Bar

11th August - Mount Show Night: Mount Studio, Newton Street

Industry Events:

29th November 2019 - NZ Pole Legends: Christchurch

30th November - NZ Pole Industry Awards: Christchurch