Pole Fitness

We have Pole fitness class levels ranging from Beginners to Advanced so we cater for all fitness levels.  Whether you have never done Pole Fitness before or been to a gym or are a fitness fanatic we will have a class to suit you.

Each class is 1 hour and consists of a warm up, pole moves and instruction, routines (2nd half of the 10 week course) conditioning and a cool down. The classes have one teacher and up to 10 students depending on the class level and studio.


What are you waiting for! Our beginner classes are designed for people who have no experience in pole fitness or dance of any type. Anyone can give it a try!

You will learn basic holds, spins, poses, transition moves and routines, all designed to start you off with a perfect foundation for your pole fitness journey, whilst building strength and increasing your flexibility each time you do a class. And most importantly having heaps of fun and meeting lots of new people!

We have 3 beginner levels at our studios - A, B & C.
Each level is a 10 week block course.


Now youv'e started intermediate you are definitely hooked! You've learnt the basics and have just started doing inverts.

In our intermediate classes you will master inverting, learn various moves upside down, perfect the skills and moves you learnt in the beginner courses and advance onto learn the next level of tricks, spins and moves. You will also learn more advanced routines with all the new amazing moves you can now do.

Intermediate has 4 levels
- A, B, C & D.

Each level is a 10 week block course and once you have completed each course you can move onto the next level.

Once you start intermediate classes, we highly recommend you take advantage of our membership options and do 2 or 3 classes per week to really advance yourself.


You're now at a level that requires great abdominal and upper body strength, as well as a high level of fitness. This level is for those who have being doing pole fitness for a some time now.

You will learn the most advanced and complex of pole fitness moves and tricks as well as aerial transitions and inverts and put the moves together in the most amazing of advanced routines getting you ready to compete at a high level


 Intro to pole (5 week block course)

**CURRENTLY WHANGAREI STUDIO ONLY - others studio locations TBC)

This short block course is for people who want to give pole a go but are concerned they may struggle with some of the more strength based moves. It’s a chance to build confidence, fitness and friends by doing an introductory course in pole dance in which we concentrate on the basic moves around the pole and on the floor with a focus on dance rather than the tricks up the pole.

 This course requires little to no upper body strength to get started so is great for those who are worried about their strength and fitness. This course is an alternative to our Beginner A course and is aimed at preparing you to transition to the 10 week block Beginner A course upon completion.  Please contact us if you are unsure as to where you would be best to start and we can advise.




Aerial Hoops/Lyra

Aerial hoops, also known as Lyra, consist of a steel hoop very similar to a hula hoop.They are suspended from the ceiling by either one or two points.
They are most commonly seen in circuses and have been made popular by the most famous and evolved spectacle show, Cirque Du Soleil.

Aerial hoops are a great workout, with the emphasis on your core and upper body. Beautiful poses and graceful movements can be achieved with practice.
We recommend you wear long fitted leggings to the ankle and a fitted top. Leg warmers also may come in handy to protect the backs of the knees.

Aerial Silks - Tissu (Mount Studio Only)

A 1.5 hour class learning the art of aerial silks. You will learn difficult but beautiful and impressive climbs, wraps and drops most often seen and admired in the circus where artists use the fabric to spiral and flow from one move to another in stunning routines.

This class is suitable for beginners and more advanced students alike as students will be able to work at their own pace in small groups.


Stretch Flex Condition (Mount & Hamilton Studio )

A one hour class specifically designed to increase your fitness, strength, range of motion and flexibility for pole and aerial.

This class is suitable for all levels no matter what level you are at now. They will give your pole or aerial training a boost helping you get those legs up higher and straighter in a boomerang, get that first invert or straight leg invert or the iron x and increase flexibility and range of motion whether you aim to be able to touch your toes, do the splits, or sit on your own head, these classes will help you get there.

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