Our Hamilton studio offers a variety of Pole Fitness, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Hoop, Stretch classes. 

All levels welcome!

Pole Fitness

What are you waiting for? Our beginner classes are designed for people who have no experience in pole fitness or dance of any type. Anyone can give it a try! You will learn basic holds, spins, poses, transition moves and routines, all designed to start you off with a perfect foundation for your pole fitness journey, whilst building strength and increasing your flexibility each time you do a class. And most importantly having heaps of fun and meeting lots of new people!

Pole Dancing Lessons for Beginners: We have 3 beginner levels at our studios - A, B & C. Each level is a 10-week block course.

Intermediate has 4 levels - A, B, C & D. Each level is a 10-week block course and once you have completed each course you can move onto the next level. Once you start intermediate classes, we highly recommend you take advantage of our membership options and do 2 or 3 classes per week to really advance yourself.

Aerial Hammock

In these classes you'll learn dynamic moves, drops and rolls very similar to our other circus classes as well as being able to create and perform your own routines should you desire!

With aerial hammock, the fabric is rigged from a single rescue-8 on a single point, while aerial yoga attaches the hammock to two separate rig points with some distance between them, giving students more room to stretch and extend. 

Aerial yoga, on the other hand, focuses on using the hammock to enhance the experience and benefits of a regular yoga class — opening up the body, calming the mind, lengthening the muscles. 

When teaching circus skills, our instructors demonstrate the skill first, then lead students through it, which allows for individual feedback and hands-on spotting when needed. In aerial yoga, teacher and students move through a flow together, with the instructor using verbal cues to help students transition from one static pose to the next.

While aerial yoga sequences are often graceful and fluid, they’re not typically designed to be performed for an audience. Those crazy rolls and drops are definitely circus, not yoga, skills!

Yoga students are also usually much closer to the ground and are performing fewer inversions and no dynamic movement, hence a yoga mat below, we use large crash mats for our aerial hammock classes. 

Intro to pole (5 week block course)

This short block course is for people who want to give pole a go but are concerned they may struggle with some of the more strength-based moves. It’s a chance to build confidence, fitness and friends by doing an introductory course in pole dance in which we concentrate on the basic moves around the pole and on the floor with a focus on dance rather than the tricks up the pole. This course requires little to no upper body strength to get started so is great for those who are worried about their strength and fitness. This course is an alternative to our Beginner A course and is aimed at preparing you to transition to the 10-week block Beginner A course upon completion.  Please contact us if you are unsure as to where you would be best to start and we can advise.

Aerial Hoops/Lyra

Aerial hoops, also known as Lyra, consist of a steel hoop very similar to a hula hoop. They are suspended from the ceiling by either one or two points. They are most commonly seen in circuses and have been made popular by the most famous and evolved spectacle show, Cirque Du Soleil. Aerial hoops are a great workout, with the emphasis on your core and upper body. Beautiful poses and graceful movements can be achieved with practice. We recommend you wear long fitted leggings to the ankle and a fitted top. Leg warmers also may come in handy to protect the backs of the knees.

Pole Flow / Exotic Flow

Pole Flow

  • Focus on sexy seamless flow between the pole and floor       
  • Learn floor based tricks, transitions and mini routines             
  • Perfect for any level pole students                                  
  • Bring your heels, Knee pads or thick leggings

You don’t need to have pole experience to join this class but you do need a basic level of upper body strength for some of the moves


  • Transitions from pole to floor and back again                          
  • Moving in your heels away from the pole                                 
  • Becoming confident dancing in your heels                              
  • Specific heels floor work

This class is a fun chance to let your hair down and explore your more exotic side with sultry and sexy moves that leave you feeling like a goddess and less like a baby giraffe on ice.  Heels and knee pads required. Suitable for Int A and higher.


Our handstand classes are perfect for any level, our classes teach Conditioning, Strengthening, to enable you to safely build and support all the muscles required. Handstands & hand balancing is done in various ways while learning the correct techniques.

Mums 'n' Bubs Class

This class has been designed to work in and around your kids.  Learn to pole or get your strength back after baby without having to worry about a sitter and in a baby-friendly environment.  This class is for any levels.

Stretch 'n' flex 

Our Studios unique stretch class! It aims to help you get the most out of your aerial classes and playtime by strengthening and stretching some of the areas that traditionally take some strain during training. We focus on warming up and mobilising the muscles, joints and ligaments before working to increase range of motion and flexibility safely in a targeted area each week, to help you attain your stretching goals and keep your body happy. Come get flexy! Suitable for all levels.

Youth Aerial Circus

Two age groups 6 - 9 mixed classes and 10 - 13 speciality classes either Silks or Hoops.
Lyra (aerial hoop)
Aerial Silks 
Ground skills such as Hula Hoop and Acro

Aerial Conditioning 

Designed to be an amazing addition to any of our aerial classes!

In this class, we will use various apparatus and equipment to perform all of our important exercises that will increase strength and fitness important for aerials no matter your level or apparatus.


Put your hand up if you would like to work that booty and legs more?

Me me... we hear you say?!

In aerial we often work our arms, abs and upper body more than that beautiful booty! A full hour of glute, legs and lower body comin at ya!


Come and try a yoga class with Yazmin. 

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