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After doing pole fitness at The Studio since 2011 the opportunity came up to be the new owner. Having a background in business management and running businesses for the last 10 years as well as being involved in ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom dancing and fitness most of my life it was a great next step for me. I love how pole is great for your entire body fitness and strength. You meet the most amazing people who share a passion for a sport/fitness that is so unique and so fun!

When I'm not doing pole I love to wakeboard, get out onto the lake on our jet ski, go camping, hiking, bush walks, scuba diving and anything that involves the beach or outdoors.

I look forward to meeting you at one of The Studio's soon, come and try pole - you'll be hooked!


I'm married with three beautiful girls aged 10,12 and 21. This year I became a grandmother also. I always thought that one day I would be a pole dancing granny.
I have been pole dancing since 2009. In 2012 I entered my first ever dance comp the NZAPP in the intermediate category, this year I entered the advanced category. I find it great to have something to train for and I always leave feeling inspired to train harder to keep progressing.
Having always loved dance and gymnastics to me pole is a mixture of both with your own special twist, it has done wonders for my confidence levels.
In June 2013, I started teaching beginner pole classes and I love it! Pole is my main form of fitness, also Cleo The Hurricanes DVD "Rockin Legs and Abs" is a killer workout I enjoy, along with plenty of stretching.
I love how pole is always challenging me and when I master a  new move it's such a great feeling.  It's great fitness for all and a great way to meet new people. I have made many new friends and met many fabulous ladies along the way.


Originally from Sweden, I now calls myself a Swiwi after being here for 11 years. During my childhood and youth I was a part of various of sports such as gymnastics, dance, football, horse riding, cheerleading and circus.

I started youth circus school at the age of 9. After 6 years of training and performing with the youth circus school I started a secondary school which was Circus focused. This is where my passion for circus grew and I focused on aerial dance such as silks, trapeze (static and swing) and cloud swing. I also trained other aerial forms, hand balance, tight rope, juggling, clown, trampoline, unicycle and acrobatics. During these years I continued to work for the circus school and coach kids in the art of circus.

I settled in NZ in 2008 and got back in to teaching aerial hoops and silks a few years after. I love to be upside down and think it's great to be able to bring in the fun and playful side into my training; exercising should be fun, right?


I have been doing aerial silks for the last 4 years  in Christchurch at Circotica. I recently moved up to Tauranga and have made “The Studio” my new silks home. 
For me aerial silks is an amazing way of building strength and flexibility without really feeling like I’m exercising. The challenge of learning a new move or drop teamed with the excitement of the next performance or fabulous costume drove me to train more and more and before I knew it I was the strongest I’d ever been. 
As well as being a great form of exercise most people will agree that silks is a beautiful performance art. I’ve been lucky enough to perform in a variety of settings and it has been an awesome way to  boost my confidence and make heaps of amazing friends.
I look forward to sharing my love of silks and circus arts with my students.


I am seven years into my pole journey, having attended my first lesson in 2010. Any doubts I had dissolved during that first class, it was so much fun, and I couldn’t wait for the next class, even though I hadn’t mastered any moves. I encourage anyone reading this to give pole fitness a try, to put aside your nerves, and give it a go. Don’t let age hold you back either as I was already in my 40’s when I began.
Pole is a fun way to work out, it gives you a total body workout, toning and strengthening all areas. There are always new moves to learn, so plenty of challenges. And as we all learn at different rates, we can progress at our own pace and with practice and perseverance you will achieve.
Any of the studio instructors would be happy to help and guide you on your own pole journey.
I would love to meet you at The Studio, Mount Maunganui, see you soon!


Totally pumped to be part of this awesome team of people helping others join in all the fun that is pole dancing. I have a firm background in fitness with many years spent running, gyming, and horseriding. Any opportunity to be in nature especially if it involves some kind of exercise and i'm there.

I have been playing with pole on and off for around 5 years now but have really began to train hard and make huge progress in the last two years. I really enjoy helping women feel empowered through dance and seeing the impressive progress almost anyone can make in just a few classes.

In my spare time I am busy developing the off grid property I share with co-instructor/sister Jess, my son and the rest of my family. Gardening, music, herbalism, fitness, ocean swimming, reading and of course pole dancing are my passions.

I look forward to seeing you at class, bring a sense of humor and a smile and you'l be hooked in no time! 


I started pole fitness 2015 to get fit after having a child. I haven’t stopped since!

I have a background in martial arts and horse riding. I love how pole continues to challenge me, I love the strength and gracefulness of moving on the pole. I enjoy helping people going through their own pole fitness journey and having plenty of laughter through the hard but rewarding work! I love seeing how people change by growing more confident in their own skin and growing in their self esteem. Come try a class, it’s addictive!


Kirsty Carter first stepped out on stage back in 1993 and has not stopped since. Her love and passion for dance and performance took her to Sydney at just 17 years old where she studied Performing Arts at ED5 international in 2005 and went on to dance act model and perform across Australia and Asia before returning home to NZ and starting her family.

After returning home Kirsty obtained her AJDA Teachers certificate in 2011 and continued to teach Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary in Taupo before moving to Tauranga and discovering pole dance at The Studio.

Kirsty has been a pole instructor at The Studio on and off since 2015 and she currently teaches pole flow and burlesque.

Kirsty continues to perform all over NZ and has recently made the move into show production, a goal of hers for a long time.

Outside of dance life, Kirsty runs an Automotive Air Conditioning company with her husband and enjoys fishing snorkelling and diving with her two school aged boys.

“Pole dance awakens inside people, a spark that has lain dormant for far too long”

Kirsty D

I was born and bred in Tauranga. In my teens I fell in love with dance, and went on study full time in Wellington. Since then I have worked for Disney World Florida, and performed on Royal Caribbean Cruise line for the past four years. 

In between contracts I went to London to train as aerialist, now I’m excited to be home performing and teaching.


I started Pole dancing in 2011 after my second child.  What I found is Pole is an amazing form of fitness where you use your entire body and have so much fun.  I love that while challenging myself with new moves or perfecting old ones, I was growing more confident in myself. After 2 years of dancing, I entered New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer competition and won the NZ 2013 performer category award.   
I loved having a goal and something to push myself towards.

I started teaching beginners in 2014, and I love the sense of accomplishment and the confidence that I see in the students that I teach.
The Studio is the most supportive, friendly place to learn.  Everyone is always there to help and working in with each other.   I feel very lucky to both be a part of The Studio family but also one of the instructors to pass on my love of pole to others. 


I started pole dancing in 2012 and I was hooked from the first class, even after waking up the next morning with pain in muscles I didn't know I had. I love the multitude of challenges that come with pole- the coordination required to learn new moves and transitions, putting fear aside to learn exciting flips and drops and figuring out how to pirouette and move with grace in 7 inch heels!


I started pole with no background experience in dance, gymnastics or flexibility and I am so proud of what my body can do now- I have confidence dancing on stage for an audience and now have a few competition ribbons under my belt to show for it.


Pole dancing has motivated me to learn about how we can move, stretch and strengthen our bodies in a safe way, and I look forward to sharing my passion with students of all levels at The Studio!"


Tauranga born, my family moved to America when I was a baby. I grew up in California, and moved back to New Zealand when I was fifteen.
I played soccer for ten years before i decided to run Cross Country and 1 year later decided to take up pole fitness. I had some previous experience with dancing so I was lucky that I leaned quite quickly.
I am planning to enter my first competition for pole this year, which really drove me to get better.


Along with teaching I am also studying to get my Psychology degree, with a minor in Human Resource Management. I love meeting new people, and teaching pole fitness allows me to be a social butterfly, and do some exercise at the same time.




Hamilton Studio Manager

Dancing and gymnastics have been an important part of my life since I was 5 years of age. I have competed in the NZ nationals for gymnastics representing Taranaki. Yes! You guessed it I am a Naki girl! I came to Hamilton to study a bachelor of primary teaching and a bachelor of sport and leisure and have recently made Hamilton my home.
I have had experience in dance forms including Jazz, Hip Hop, Ceroc, Contemporary and more recently Pole Fitness. I have also been a dance teacher and choreographer in some of these dance genres.
I first started pole in early 2014 and have love it from day one! Pole fitness works every muscle in your body and you gain strength and flexibility along the way.  I would recommend pole to anyone of all ages, shapes and sizes as it is an incredible way of getting fit while having huge amounts of fun at the same time.
Come on down to the Hamilton Studio where you will receive encouragement and support to make your pole experience an enjoyable one!


I am a fitness and nutrition geek with a passion for movement and expression. I am deep in a love affair with pole and more recently aerial hoop (lyra). I love the strength and flexibility pole and aerials have allowed me to develop, but above all I love having a creative outlet from my ‘muggle’ life!

I started my aerial journey in 2015 and became an instructor in mid-2018. I love sharing the joy of movement with my students and being part of their journey. Pole is really so much more than a style of dance, it’s an art form that embraces sensuality, strength, and vulnerability, a family which brings together people from all walks of life, and a sport which leaves people in awe of the amazing things the human body is capable of.


I started My Pole journey March 2016. I was challenged and grew stronger every week. All of the girls at the studio have always been so supportive and passionate about pole fitness and I definitely found the passion for it. After a year of training I found the courage to enter NZAPP and made a fun routine with the help of my instructors. Pole fitness has made me more confident, physically stronger and fitter. I am now an instructor and am inspired to train other beautiful women to find confidence and self love on Their pole fitness journey.


I first started dancing at 5 years old doing Jazz, and have been dancing in some form or another ever since. My main form of dance training was years of Classical Ballet.
I began competing at a National level in Rock'n'Roll in 2006, and have been an NZ champion and also have won an Australian competition. I began Pole as I had some time between competitions and in order to keep dancing (otherwise I get dance withdrawals) I thought I would try something new! Ive been hooked ever since!
I love how I can incorporate all of my dance background into Pole, and how it uses muscles you didn’t know you had. Pole dancing, to me is great because you overcome so many personal battles (like entering a pole dancing competition!) to master new moves while gaining so much strength and flexibility along the way.
When I'm not at Pole, I'm either training hard for Rock'n'Roll competitions or at University studying for my Masters in Applied Psychology. 


I first started ballet when I was three years old. As I got older, I learned more new dance styles  including jazz, tap, and lyrical/contemporary. Once I completed all my dance exams, I started teaching. While I was teaching (and studying) I dabbled into a few other styles such as ballroom/latin and rock'n'roll, just to keep me busy and continue some kind of dance training (what can I say - I'm addicted to dance!). I taught for 6 years before a new job as a molecular biologist  took me down to Wellington. That is where I first fell in love with pole.

From my first class I was hooked. I have being pole dancing for just over a year now and I'm loving it! It keeps me active, I'm building my strength every day, and I love how pole dancing is constantly challenging me and helping me become a more confident person.

If you want to find a new and fun way to get fit, make amazing friends, and build your strength, flexibility and confidence, then come on down to The Studio and join our awesome crew.


I have always struggled to find ways to exercise and stay fit and strong, because I always get bored, or just don't enjoy it. I have never had that problem with aerial arts. I started pole dancing 3 years ago. I will always remember my first class, I was nervous and shy, and overly concerned about how short my knee length shorts were...But I was hooked from my first class. I felt like I was flying and it was amazing! So, as soon as The Studio in Hamilton offered Aerial hoops classes 2 years ago, I jumped right in. It was love at first Delilah! 

I started Instructing in August 2018 and I love being able to pass on all that I know to my students. Seeing their amazed faces when I show them what we are learning next, and then seeing their ecstatic faces when they nail it themselves. I love watching their friendships develop and their confidence soar. 

If you are considering aerial arts as a form of exercise, don't let anything hold you back...Fitness and strength are only a small part of what aerial arts gives you. Come along and discover the magic for yourself. 


I’ve always loved to dance and keep fit and what better way than to combine the two and do pole fitness.  Im addicted!
At the moment I take the beginner classes where I love to watch the new students amaze themselves with what they can do. My classes are fun and energetic and a great way to meet new friends.  We have heaps of laughs together, sometimes at me, and are there to encourage each other. No matter if you are just starting out or have been doing pole fitness for a wee while and want to brush up on your skills, come and hang with me. I’m always more than happy to lend a hand and/or give you some tips.So come and give it a go. I know you will love it too.
In my spare time, when I’m not doing pole, I love to shop … for shoes! 
There are two things in life you can never have enough of … pole fitness and shoes!


I am two years into my pole journey, and can safely say that starting pole is the best thing I have ever done! Through The Studio I have met the most amazing group of women who are all about supporting and lifting each other up; I love it. 
Outside of pole I am a management consultant and a bit of a gym addict. I love yoga and all things outdoors, especially hiking and rock climbing. Hope to see you around soon!




Whangarei Studio Manager

With six years of pole dance experience and four years teaching behind me I can proudly say that pole has become a true passion for me. I have taught at both the Mount and Hamilton studios and am now currently Studio Mangaer and instructor at our Whangarei branch.

In addition to pole I also have four years Aerial Hoop experience, with two years teaching Hoop at the Mount Studio.

Outside of my dance career I enjoy spending time with my two homeschooled daughters, and developing our off-grid lifestlye property. I love that pole brings women together in a supportive environment where we can build confidence and learn to love our bodies for the amazing things they can do.



I’m really excited to see the aerial world open up for Whangarei, and that I can be part of it. My training has been mostly in Silks, but also Aerial Hoop, Aerial Chair, Aerial Straps and Aerial Net. I entered the aerial world just over 3 years ago, where I finally found an exercise form that gave me pure joy instead of felt like a chore. I never want to stop playing and making shapes in the air, but my muscles tell me otherwise. 

I believe the aerial arts is a place where we can feel empowered and supported by one another. Everyone finds different moves or concepts hard, and we get to learn so much more about what our bodies can do, what they are uniquely good at. As we help each other figure out how to achieve our goals, we celebrate strength, ability and overcoming fears. It’s not about a bikini body here, it’s about… “Woah you just got yourself up! Freaking awesome job abs! Well done!” It’s hard, but you get to fly! So come and play.

Outside of my love for aerials, I love exploring the Whangarei’s walks and beaches and hanging out with my husband and puppy. My life mostly consists of drinking coffee and designing websites from home.






Lisa has been involved in circus arts since 1999. She started in a youth circus, and continued with it over the last 17 years. Acrobatic, balance and juggling were the first circus skills she picked up. She started to give workshops for acrobatic and balance for children and youngsters in 2006, and that gave her the motivation to study social work in Berlin.

During her studies she picked up Hooping which quickly became her profession.

Lisa's hooping is a mix of manipulations, floorhooping, classic circus moves, a bit of dancing and little crazy tricks she collects along her travels and exchanges with other hoopers. In 2012 she visited New Zealand for the first time and got involved with Circus Kumarani and in 2014 she moved to Dargaville. She started training and teaching  the arial arts about the same time and welcomed the challange of gravitiy and the feeling of succes in her life.



I have been pole dancing at The Studio for just over 2 years. Originally from Auckland, I grew up taking many dance lessons in an array of genres. Alongside that, I have had 16 years of competitive marching experience. My most memorable competition was winning the Australian NSW Champion Drill Routine 2001, Australian National Champion Drill Routine 2001, 4th in the 2001 World Drill Dance Championship Drill Routine in Adelaide and an overall placing 5th in the World.I was very fortunate to be able to assist choreography and coaching with the Warriors Drill Team and other Marching Teams in Auckland for about four years which cemented my passion for teaching. 

 As a new pole instructor for The Studio, I am delighted to join the team, this opportunity has reignited my passion for teaching, who would have thought at 42 years I would be learning pole dancing let alone teaching Pole dancing. I would encourage anyone to come and sign up to give it a go. As your instructor for beginners, I am always here to help you on your own personal journey whether that is building strength, flexibility, meeting new people or pursuing competitions/performances. I have a lot of knowledge from my own life experiences that I can pass onto you. I am passionate about teaching and just love seeing people achieve their goals.


Very excited to have the opportunity to teach pole dance and burlesque here in my hometown of Whangarei! Burlesque has always been a passion of mine. I performed in my very first show in 2010 down in Christchurch and have since performed around NZ, taught workshops and helped to establish a burlesque troupe in Northland. Anyone can give it a go; there is no age/size/fitness requirement. Burlesque is not about looking a certain way or fitting a certain mould – it is about empowerment, body positivity and creative freedom. 

While taking a break from performing in 2017, I discovered pole dance and have been training at the Studio ever since. I love the challenge of working towards a new move and seeing my strength and flexibility improve.  As a teacher it is awesome seeing my students develop their confidence and achieve things they didn’t think possible!


It was by pure chance 2 years ago that i stumbled upon a page on facebook and saw there were pole classes starting at The Studio Whangarei. I thought i’d challenge myself and give it a go and see where it took me.

I was then introduced to Aerial Lyra and fell in love. From being a student then fast forward to becoming an instructor is such an honor for me.

My friends & mentors have helped me gain knowledge, which in turn have empowered me to push my boundaries. In 2018 for the first time i performed and competed in the first NZ Miss Lyra competition in Christchurch.

It’s now my chance to empower others, to help them push their boundaries and to inspire others as i once was which has lead me on this beautiful journey!!

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EVERY SATURDAY - 10am: Trial class

28th July - Hamilton Show Night: Altitude & Gravity Bar

11th August - Mount Show Night: Mount Studio, Newton Street

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29th November 2019 - NZ Pole Legends: Christchurch

30th November - NZ Pole Industry Awards: Christchurch