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It is important that you are comfortable and relaxed when you come to our studios. Our advice is to wear a singlet or a t-shirt on top with hot pants, bike shorts or short shorts on the bottom as you will need your legs and arms to grip onto the pole.(Bare skin is best!) No shoes are necessary as everybody trains in bare feet. Moisturisers, oils, tanning lotions and anything else of this nature can leave a residue on the pole making it not only very slippery for the next person, but also very hard to grip for yourself. So please remember to not wear any on the day of your class for everyones safety. Jewelery can damage the poles and also impede your gripping ability, so please remove any rings or bracelets before class.
This is a very commonly asked question. The answer however is simple. Most people in a beginner class have never done pole fitness before. The first Beginner A course is more about technique than strength, of course the stronger you are the easier it will be for you to advance in levels and like everything in life some people will have a natural ability to pick it up. If you are not that strong, you'll gain more and more strength each class you do. A lot of ladies come to pole to become fit and lose weight so don’t be scared to come and give it a try. We cater for a wide range of ages, strengths, shapes, sizes and fitness levels! The rate in which strength and fitness develops will amaze you.
Our classes run for 1 hour and consist of a warm up, various pole moves, strengthening exercises, routines (in the second half of the block) and a warm down.
As a beginner theres lots to learn when you first start doing pole! We want to ensure that you don't miss any basic moves and transitions and start building your strength correctly to ensure you move through the levels totally prepared! So yes, you'll need to do a Beginner A course and start from the start (or sometimes a week or two into the course is ok) Our curriculum and courses are very structured and for these reasons above this is why we don't have casual classes for beginners or mixed level classes, you'd miss too many important things.
You can pay your fees off over a few payments if this suits you, we offer for every student to be able to pay their 50% deposit to secure their space and then the remaining 50% isn't due until the first class. Alternatively you can pay the full fee ahead. Either way we require your fees to be paid in full before you commence your first class.
Most of the time yes! As like anything new you start your body takes time to learn the new positions and muscles your body may not have used before. Its a lot about technique and learning all the moves right from Beginner A so you don't miss anything. If you do start and find you are well above the level you are in we will move you into a class more suitable.
Please contact us and we can arrange a time for you to be assessed to work out the best class level to put you into.
We offer weekly membership options from Beginner C classes and above. Weekly memberships are cheaper options for students that are serious about their pole training and want to commit long term as Its a minimum term of 6 months. You also get free members practice sessions and discounted stretch flex concessions as part of being a weekly long term member.
We dont offer make up classes sorry. Due to your space being saved for the full 10 weeks of a course, or a permanent membership class, it is your responsibilty to attend the classes you are booked for. All our courses have limited numbers due to apparatus, as well as levels being different each day.
Absolutely! We have a high percentage of ladies that come to our classes, but we always encourage guys to come along too! Some of the best circus & pole artists are men and as we have classes to suit everyone they are more than welcome to come along as well.
If you’d like to do more than 1 class and take advantage of our membership options (more info here please email Courtney our student support manager, [email protected] and she’ll help you to get started. We have many options and classes you can attend. Whether its 2 per week, 3, or our top option of 4 aerial classes and unlimited floor classes* - theres an option for everyone! We’ve designed these so you can come to us and have all your fitness, dance an aerial classes in one convenient location.

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March 2022 - NZ Pole Legends: Christchurch

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November 2022 - NZAPP Finals: Christchurch