I have absolutely LOVED my classes this year, it's helped with my confidence and self worth. Plus it's given me some killer abs and a great conversation starter. You've got an incredible team working here

Susanna - Hamilton 

We are really enjoying how Kristy teaches us. She seems to know what we need to understand the move. Thanks too for having a clean studio. It can be thankless job, but it is always nice to know there will be cloths, spray, glasses for water and a clean toilet (and the rest). Plus all the other things that make the place as nice as it is.  

Lisa - Mount

Hi there, I just wanted to pass on a message of thanks for the private with Marika on Monday. Marika was a fantastic instructor! She was amazing at coaching and spotting me through all the moves and I particularly loved that she took my abilities into account when coming up with the next thing to work on. I will definitely try come back for another private next time I am in Hamilton.  Thank you again for having me!


I just wanted to let you know I am coming up to the end of my 1st block if classes, and wanted to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying it, Kristy is such a credit to the Studio and love her enthusiasm and attitude,  I am a 44 year old Mum of 3 kids my oldest being 18 and I didn't think I could or would ever do this for myself, so because of your Studio and fantastic teachers this has been made possible not only for  me but probably many others!!!Looking forward to being with  you for years to come!

Anthea - Mount

I have to say Pole Fitness is so much more than one first presumes.  When my 17 year old daughter asked if she could do Pole I have to admit I was a little hesitant and had pre conceived ideas, but I couldn’t have been more wrong!   Britt learning pole fitness over the past year has been absolutely wonderful, life changing, confidence building and the best thing ever!  It is an empowering and confidence building experience for anyone of any age, size, shape and fitness level, and I would never have thought she would be performing in the end of year show, with only just over four terms of classes under her belt. Seeing her perform brought a tear to my eye, a bit of envy of her confidence and a huge sense of pride!  It’s been wonderful to see her confidence build, and her absolute love of it is infectious, we now have a resident pole set up in our home, and yes it’s a great conversation starter!  The atmosphere at the studio is welcoming from day one, Joanna and her team are amazing, and everyone is very supportive, I would highly recommend this to anyone considering giving this ago, so if you are wanting to have fun, get fit, and increase your confidence and meet some really awesome people…you won’t regret giving this a go

Bev Hughes - Hamilton

My friend and I decided to take up pole fitness as a way, at the very least, to get out of the house. That was 3.5years ago. These people are my family now, they’re so supportive, energetic and confident in our abilities.  The teachers have excellent communication skills, are positive, are happy to assist with questions (even my dumb ones), and are very skilled professionals that I would trust my life with.  I thought, when I started this sport, that it was for younger people.  I was wrong.  It is for anyone who wants to give it a go, has a passion, wants to push themselves to the limit, and comes back the next time for more!  For me, at 37, this sport is thoroughly addictive.  ‘What can this body do next’ I say to myself.  I was born to do this. Friends and family are supportive, the stigma was quashed long ago. I would highly recommend this sport if you are looking for a low impact, strength based sport alternative.  Strength is built from day one.  Keep building.

Amy - Hamitlon

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