Originally from Sweden, I now calls myself a Swiwi after being here for 11 years. During my childhood and youth I was a part of various of sports such as gymnastics, dance, football, horse riding, cheerleading and circus.

I started youth circus school at the age of 9. After 6 years of training and performing with the youth circus school I started a secondary school which was Circus focused. This is where my passion for circus grew and I focused on aerial dance such as silks, trapeze (static and swing) and cloud swing. I also trained other aerial forms, hand balance, tight rope, juggling, clown, trampoline, unicycle and acrobatics. During these years I continued to work for the circus school and coach kids in the art of circus.

I settled in NZ in 2008 and got back in to teaching aerial hoops and silks a few years after. I love to be upside down and think it's great to be able to bring in the fun and playful side into my training; exercising should be fun, right?

Years in industry: 22
Years teaching: 5

News & Events...

Studio Dates:

EVERY SATURDAY - 10am: Trial class

28th July - Hamilton Show Night: Altitude & Gravity Bar

11th August - Mount Show Night: Mount Studio, Newton Street

Industry Events:

29th November 2019 - NZ Pole Legends: Christchurch

30th November - NZ Pole Industry Awards: Christchurch