Kirsty D

Years in industry: 2
Years teaching: 1

I was born and bred in Tauranga. In my teens I fell in love with dance, and went on study full time in Wellington. Since then I have worked for Disney World Florida, and performed on Royal Caribbean Cruise line for the past four years. 

In between contracts I went to London to train as aerialist, now I’m excited to be home performing and teaching.

News & Events...

Studio Dates:

EVERY SATURDAY - 10am: Trial class

16th November 2019 - Mount Show Night: Mount Studio, Newton Street

23rd November 2019 - Hamilton Show Night: Altitude & Gravity Bar

Industry Events:

26th October 2019 - Pole Stars: Playhouse Theatre, Nelson

22nd November 2019 - NZ Pole Legends: Christchurch

23rd November 2019 - NZ Pole Industry Awards: Christchurch