Meet our Mount student Nicole!

Nicole has a medical condition that affects her growth as well as the way her muscles and strength functions. From the age of 4, morning and evening exercises have been a countless struggle, as let’s face it what young kid wants to do the same tiring thing morning and night day in and day out. We talk to Nicoles mum Mia below....

I had done pole for a while but didn’t feel she would be ready for this type of exercise, she is now 14 and has been doing for over a year and let me tell you, wow.

Her core strenth has increased so much, and not only that her muscles in her legs are responding so well that she is even able to do more activities that she would normally be really sore from afterwards, but no she does them and suffers little to no affects. Pole dancing has really made a big difference physically for her, and the outstanding results have even impressed her doctor. 

Then to add to the happy moment of physically seeing the benefits there’s the mental benefits, exercise ain’t a drag no more and it’s all excitement when dance day arrives, it’s the best day if the week. Gone are the days of arguing it time to do what you need to do. Her self esteem is so much better, with every move she succeeds in her daily life is a easier thought as well. Watching her eyes light up with confidence is magic to witness . 

I really want to thank the studio for giving my daughter this amazing opportunity and experience, especially her instructor that has managed to so easy gain the trust of my daughters heart and for being such an amazing person herself.

For anyone out there, my advice, grab the first open space you get and give it a go, you will love it, the benefits is endless, healthy body healthy mind …… 

Let’s do this!


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